AmeraTex Energy | BP creates new US onshore oil and gas business

06 March — ​BP is creating a new business to manage its US onshore oil and gas assets, in an effort to compete more effectively with the smaller independent companies that dominate America’s shale industry.

October 2013

  1. Oct 30

    AmeraTex Energy | Unplugging Bottlenecks in Oil and Gas Deliveries

    The North American shale boom has brought with it many benefits, including new jobs, cheaper electricity and the potential for energy independence.

September 2013

  1. Sep 11

    AmeraTex Energy API says oil and gas industry does most to reduce emissions

    A new study demonstrates the commitment and underscores the overlooked role that the oil and gas industry plays in reducing U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions.
  2. Sep 11

    AmeraTex Energy | Houston Scientist, Opines on Proposed Oil Drilling Laws

    As drilling technology advances and the oil and gas industry continues to expand, Paul Comet, Houston scientist, weighs in on proposed laws regarding drilling practices.
  3. Sep 05

    AmeraTex Energy Study: Widespread economic gains seen from oil and gas boom

    The oil and gas boom is saving consumers thousands of dollars annually and tipping the scales in favor of U.S. makers of chemicals, steel, glass and other materials, a study released Wednesday by consultants IHS Economics concludes.

August 2013

  1. Aug 24

    AmeraTex Energy | Unconventional oil and gas making U.S. more secure

    The sharp rise in domestic unconventional oil and natural gas production in 2012 was the most significant driver in lowering energy risk, according to the report.
  2. Aug 16

    AmeraTex Energy | Oil and gas industry employment growing much faster than total private sector employment

    The oil and natural gas industry increased by more than 162,000 jobs, a 40 per cent increase, from 2007 to 2012.
  3. Aug 12

    AmeraTex Energy | Don’t impede oil and gas industries

    Hammering oil and gas companies with new tax burdens can only be a negative for energy, jobs and economic growth, and Congress should take a strong stance against them.
  4. Aug 09

    AmeraTex Energy | Texas Oil And Gas Numbers Fly Off The Charts

    By the end of the year, when Texas’s daily production is likely to exceed 3 million barrels per day, Texas would likely rank 9th on this list. Extraordinary!
  5. Aug 01

    AmeraTex Energy | Texas now has nearly 48 percent of the country’s oil and gas rigs

    Nearly half of the active oil and gas rigs in operation are located in Texas.

July 2013

  1. Jul 24

    Shale Oil And Gas Development Is Heavily Regulated. - AmeraTex Energy Reports

    Josh Fox’s claim that the oil and gas industry has some sort of categorical exemption from regulation and that hydraulic fracturing and other oil and gas industry process equipment and facilities are exempted from regulation under the Federal Clean Air Act is fabrication and erroneous conflation.
  2. Jul 19

    AmeraTex Energy - The U.S. oil and gas boom is straining the country’s infrastructure

    Over the past few years, the U.S. fracking boom has taken a great many people by surprise. Companies have been producing so much oil and gas that it’s now putting a strain on America’s energy infrastructure.
  3. Jul 17

    AmeraTex Energy | County rejects oil and gas regulations

    In a shocking 2-1 vote July 10, the Board of County Commissioners rejected an amendment to current land use regulations that would have better defined the county’s application and issuance process for oil and gas exploration permits.
  4. Jul 14

    AmeraTexEnergy | Oil and Gas Industry Violating Air Pollution Rules in Colorado

    The oil and gas industry continues to violate our laws on a regular basis. Companies need to clean up their act and make it a priority to comply with the rules on the books.
  5. Jul 12

    AmeraTex Energy | The time is now for oil and gas engineering, design careers

    The oil and gas industry is strong, and the demand for experienced, quality talent is tremendous. There has been a surge in hiring in engineering and design roles.